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The Journey

Mary Catherine HodgeS affectionately known as MC, is a Denver-based abstract painter whose works echo her personal journey from the southern United States, through the pulsating energy of LA, and into the heart of Colorado. Every brushstroke on her canvas reflects places she's called home, from urban landscapes to the serene environs of Hygiene, CO.


In contrast to traditional notions of composition, MC's paintings focus on intense memories and emotions, weaving in visual cues and, at times, their very absence. Her use of typography layered against monochromatic blocks of color provides a vivid commentary on human connections, the feelings of isolation, and the influence of an ever-digitizing world.


While her artistry serves as a visual diary brimming with personal stories and emotional depth, it's also a celebration of life's beauty, even amidst challenges. As her practice evolves, MC seamlessly intertwines her diverse experiences and inspirations, exploring and incorporating varied modalities of composition and communication in her pieces.


MC is not just a painter but a curator, designer, and writer. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art History from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and was celebrated as one of the Dairy Art Center's distinguished "30 Under 30." As she forges ahead in her artistic journey, MC remains committed to her mission: sharing beauty, evoking joy, and painting the world as she feels it.

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