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  • What if I want an artwork that's already sold out?
    While original pieces are one-of-a-kind, you can always inquire about commissioning something similar or check for available prints.
  • How can I find out about MC’s upcoming exhibitions or new artworks?
    Stay updated by subscribing to our newsletter! You’ll be the first to know about events and new releases.
  • Can I view the artwork in person before purchasing?
    If you are local we can set up a studio tour or viewing time. I also participate in exhibitions and pop-ups. Join our mailing list for event updates near you.
  • How do I care for my new art piece?
    To keep your artwork vibrant, avoid direct sunlight and damp areas. A gentle dusting occasionally should suffice. Enjoy your art!
  • Do the colors on the website match the actual artwork?
    We've done our best to ensure accurate color representation online. However, due to screen variations and lighting the art, there might be slight differences.
  • Can I commission a custom piece?
    Absolutely! MC loves creating bespoke pieces. Just reach out with your ideas, and we'll discuss the possibilities together.
  • Are prints available of the original artworks?
    Yes, selected works are available as prints. Check the 'Prints' section on our website for availability.
  • How are the artworks shipped and packaged?
    Each artwork is carefully packaged to ensure its safety during transit. We use trusted couriers to deliver right to your door.
  • Is each piece signed by MC?
    Absolutely! Every artwork is authenticated with MC’s signature, ensuring its originality.
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